Welcome and Bienvenue to Windring Pottery

My pots are meant to be held and used with pleasure – enjoyed through eyes and hands. Like a wave-worn pebble that fits just so between forefinger and thumb, the piece for you feels right in your hands, its curves and weight matching its purpose.

Over time, I have made pieces for the table and more, from cup and mug to serving bowl and platter to full dinnerware sets. Some are robust in size and shape, glazed in deep colours; others are light, curvy, painted in designs perhaps fun and cheery, or flowing and calm, bisque fired and then clear glazed for a durable, bright finish. I continue to explore and experiment, inspired by nature and experience.

Windring pots are handmade by me, Priya, in my home studio in Peterborough, Ontario. Please feel free to contact me – I look forward to hearing from you.

Priya in her studio

Windring Pottery